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Medical Gas Installation Course (PLMR150) & Braze Test

  • March 23, 2023
  • April 20, 2023
  • Virtual (plus onsite practical test in Surrey)
  • 8


Achieve the skills needed to install and maintain pipelines for medical gases, medical vacuum, medical support gases, and anesthetic gas scavenging systems.

Upon successful completion of this course and braze test you will be eligible to apply to the CSA to write their “Medical Gas Piping and Systems Installations Certification” exam as outlined in the CSA Z7396.1 Standard.

The online component of the course will provide you, as a qualified plumber or steamfitter/ pipefitter, the 32 hours of required theory. In addition, MCABC has scheduled times to perform a Brazing Procedure Specification in Surrey. Upon successful completion of the braze test you will receive a Procedure Qualification Record (QB 484 form/ticket). 

Format:  The 32 hours of theory is delivered via NAIT's online learning platform and is self-paced. An instructor is available to answer questions and provide live support as requested.

*Practical Braze Test: Dates to be confirmed and will be communicated as soon as possible.

Please note: You must supply all test material (air acetylene canister and torch, filler materials, etc.). KPU can supply nitrogen gas with flowmeters. This test should not be attempted without previous safety and skills training.

Prerequisite: All registrants must have experience using an acetelyne torch.  

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