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    • October 28, 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Zoom

    Too many construction companies in BC have had to close up shop because they weren’t paid for work they’ve completed. And millions of dollars have been wasted in risk mitigation, fees, interest payments and penalties. 

    Our provincial government is waiting to take an official position on prompt payment legislation despite years of sustained and united advocacy across BC's construction industry. 

    This is your chance to speak directly to — and hear from — the BC Attorney General’s office on this urgent issue. 

    What you can expect: 

    • A backgrounder on the issue and solution from industry associations 
    • A presentation from the Attorney General’s office: their current position and plans for the future 
    • The opportunity to express your opinion and ask questions of the associations and the Attorney General’s office 

    Let’s show Attorney General David Eby how important this issue is to BC’s construction industry – Make the time. Tell your story. Register today. 


    DATE: October 28, 2021

    TIME: 8:00 – 9:00 am

    Moderated by BCCA President Chris Atchison

    BC Needs Prompt Payment Now

    • November 23, 2021
    • December 01, 2021
    • 4 sessions
    • Virtual Classroom
    • 20

    Part of the Building Capacity from Within series, this course is designed for: a journeyperson who wants to explore the possibility of moving to the foreperson position; a journeyperson the company thinks may have the potential to become a foreperson; and the newly appointed foreperson. It offers a high-level view of the techniques and strategies used by a foreperson to successfully manage all aspects of field labor and project productivity. 

    This eight-hour course is broken into two-hour segments over four days. It features renowned educator, Tim Wentz. Guest speakers round out this engaging and informative course. 

    Learning outcomes: 

    • How to participate effectively in a handover meeting
    • Identify and protect project scope
    • Understand performance metrics generated by estimating
    • Read and interpret project schedules
    • Apply a company’s safety program
    • Implement a project documentation strategy
    • Identify and manage changed conditions
    • Fundamental negotiating skills
    • Effectively manage the crew and the project


    $775 plus tax for members (to pay by EFT call MCABC)
    $1,775 plus tax for nonmembers (sign up for membership within one month of the session to be eligible for a $1,000 reimbursement on the cost of membership!)

    EFT Payment is also accepted. Please contact us directly at info@mcabc.org to make a booking and we will issue you an invoice and EFT details.

    About the instructor: Tim Wentz, PE, HBDP, LEED-AP

    Tim has presented well over 100 presentations, workshops, seminars, webinars and keynote addresses at international, national and regional conferences, conventions and meetings.

    He is active in ASHRAE and currently serves as chair of the ASHRAE Associate Society Alliance, President-Elect Advisory Committee, the Treasurer-Elect Advisory Committee, and Chair of the Society Transformation Ad Hoc Committee.

    Tim developed a new Foreman Training course for the MCA of Omaha and is currently developing a 'Leadership Week' curriculum for the MCA of Canada.

    From 2002 to 2018 he was Associate Professor Department of Construction Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He taught Mechanical Estimating, Professional Practice and Ethics, Introduction to Construction, Physical Environmental Systems I (Mechanical), Problems in Construction, Construction Specifications II, Professional Trends in Design/Build, Building Benchmarking and Disclosure, Senior Construction Projects (Capstone), and Mechanical-Electrical Project Management.

    Prior to that he was Vice-President at George H. Wentz, Inc. where he was responsible for mechanical design, management, and coordination of commercial projects.

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