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    • September 29, 2020
    • (PDT)
    • October 22, 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 6 sessions
    • Virtual Classroom
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    A Unique Opportunity to Sharpen Supervisory Skills Online. Receive one-on-one coaching. Earn 1 Gold Seal Credit.     

    Led by construction industry consultant, educator, author and speaker Kevin Dougherty, this intensive online training and coaching program is specifically designed for the mechanical contractor Supervisor – middle and project managers and Foremen. The program addresses proven attitude adjustment methods, leadership skills, productivity, planning skills communication enhancement skills and motivational techniques.

    Presented in six virtual sessions that are 90 minutes each, leadership excellence will be presented in the following online modules:

    1. The Day to Day Realities
    2. Transition to Management
    3. Establishing Job Leadership
    4. How to Coach and Mentor for Improved Team Performance
    5. Communication
    6. How to Deal With Difficult People and Workers In A Professional Manner

    BONUS: Each registered student will receive two 45-minute individual coaching sessions.

    Kevin L. Dougherty – Consultant, Speaker, Author

    For over 30 years Kevin L. Dougherty has been speaking to the construction industry. Kevin represents a changing industry - aggressive, realistic, and openminded. Kevin's work and education experience enables him to relate to today's problems and provides tangible solutions in an easy-to-listen style. He has taught thousands of people in various seminars. His client base ranges from family owned businesses to corporate conglomerates.

    In addition to speaking and writing articles, Kevin has served as, foreman, Journeyman, sales manager, project manager, and corporate trainer for a multimillion-dollar specialty services contractor. Kevin has also been a frequent speaker for various SMACNA, MCAA, MSCA, NECA, NFPC, SMART, U.A. PHCC, ISA, SBA, and other trade associations. Kevin's ability to entertain audiences and hold their interest while getting his message across consistently makes him one of the industry’s top speaking and training talents.

    • October 19, 2020
    • (PDT)
    • November 20, 2020
    • (PST)
    • 2 sessions
    • TBD (Vancouver)
    • 24

    Course Outline

    This Gold Seal accredited course is designed to:

    • Improve the planning and controlling of your projects, thereby improving your company’s bottom line
    • Take a business view of projects and take ownership of a project from bid to final payment
    • Increase your own project “lessons learned” by learning from experiences of other participants
    • Be able and willing to contribute improvements to your company’s project management process
    • Be better prepared to take the Gold Seal examination, if you choose
    • Enjoy your projects!

    Course Topics

    Over the 10-day period, sessions will be held on:

    • Project Administration
    • Scheduling
    • Managing Individual Differences
    • Safety: A Management Perspective
    • Change Orders
    • Construction Law
    • Job Cost Controls
    • Meetings and Communication
    • Dispute Avoidance and Claims
    • Labour Relations: Due Diligence
    • Project Completion


    Part of what is unique in this Project Management offering is that over the 10-day period you will be introduced to 8 different instructors who are all experts in their field of knowledge. You will learn from the best! In order to receive the course certificate, students MUST attend 9 of 10 days. A final assignment must also be completed during class time.

    Refund Policy

    • 30 days prior to start of course – 100% refund
    • After Sept 19 – no refunds
    • Substitutions can be made up to the day before the course starts
    • October 29, 2020
    • (PDT)
    • November 12, 2020
    • (PST)
    • 3 sessions
    • Virtual Classroom
    • 0
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    Exclusive Program for Mechanical Contractors. First Time Offered in BC. Only 10 spots available.

    How to Forecast Large Construction Projects

    Designed specifically for mechanical project managers, learn how to systematically plan, track and create consistent rolling forecasts for large construction projects. This three-part online program is led by Mechanical Engineer, Leo Di Croce, a former Project Manager with Modern Niagara and Mechanical Design Manger with Ellis Don. This jam-packed program includes a commercial building case study, and all students receive 4Cast Pro, a 4-in-1 workbook that helps Project Managers plan, track, forecast and more.

    Course Outline

    Session 1: Planning

    Students dive right into a case study by reviewing the drawings and specs of a large commercial tower and searching for gaps and overlaps in scope before setting up the job, which comprises three components: the budget, the construction schedule and the billing breakdown. Students learn what these three have in common and how to capitalize on their integration.

    Session 2: Productivity

    Students continue the case study, exploring various types of work breakdown structures (WBS’s) and learning why some WBS’s are better at driving productivity than others. Starting with a labour plan, students build their own spreadsheet and learn how to track progress and calculate productivity. Various productivity scenarios are modeled including one that supports construction claims, using near real-time data.

    Session 3: Forecasting

    Students conclude the case study by reporting the outcomes at various stages of construction. Financial outcomes are reported for months one, two, three, etc. Basic formulas – and more advanced techniques – are used to calculate costs at completion and variances for labour, material, equipment and subcontracts. Students will also learn how delayed starts and schedule compressions affect a project’s s-curve in interesting and meaningful ways.

    Instructor Leo Di Croce

    Course designer and instructor, Leo Di Croce, is a professional engineer with almost 30 years of experience, designing and managing mechanical construction projects in Canada. Leo has worked for EllisDon, Modern Niagara and other large contractors, supporting the pursuit, execution, and closeout of Class-A buildings. The value of the construction projects he has managed to date exceeds $1 billion.

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