Today at 2 pm the Provincial government announced that non-essential travel should be confined to local travel only. On Friday, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth will issue orders under the Emergency Program Act to restrict people’s ability to leave their Health Authority.  

“This will be conducted through random audits, not unlike roadside checks or CounterAttack during the Christmas season”, Horgan explained.  “They will be susceptible to all travellers, not just some travellers, and again they will be random and there will be a fine if you are travelling outside your area without a legitimate reason."

Please be advised that today’s Health Order announcement does not prevent workers from engaging in work activities.  See the following from the Order below:

Essential travel -

Individual circumstances may affect whether a trip is considered essential or non-essential. Essential travel within B.C. includes:

  • Regular travel for work within your region
  • Travel for things like medical appointments and hospital visits. 
For example, if you live in Vancouver and work in Surrey you can continue to commute. 

The Travel Advisory can be found here

Until specific rules are defined, it is strongly recommended that workers have documented proof of the location of their worksite if they are working outside of their Health Authority.

Health Authority Boundaries 
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That said, the PHO strongly recommends:

Working from home whenever possible, unless it is essential to be in the workplace

Other Important News

Additional information will be provided as more specific rules come out or circumstances change.